Although not everyone is comfortable working in groups, personal development groups can offer insights and other benefits in addition to those that can be achieved with individual therapy. These include learning from others, discovering that you are not alone in the world with a particular issue, and learning to develop your interpersonal or social skills.
For many the group will recreate the dynamics of their family of origin and, although this may be uncomfortable for a while, there is the opportunity of a ‘corrective emotional experience’.
Group work can be particularly effective when it is combined with individual therapy, as Irvin Yalom says “almost invariably therapy is accelerated and enriched” (Yalom,2005).

I have co-facilitated therapy groups for nearly 20 years working with many hundreds of clients.Here is what some of them say about the experience:

we all learnt in a very short space of time lessons that perhaps in other circumstances would have taken many, many years; in fact a lifetime to learn.(Elsie).

I found I pushed myself quite a lot in the group. Whereas in personal therapy... it was a very slow process in comparison… (Bozz).

New groups are staring in January 2013 in Twickenham. Fee 15 per fortnightly meeting.I am co-facilitating with Kate Al-obaid who is a psychotherapist and doctoral candidate.

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